Past Graduate Students


Kristin Johnson Ph.D. (2016)

Kristin is now living in Denver, and works as a User Experience Researcher for CA Technologies. When she's not working she's often exploring Colorado's natural wonders and has recently taken up skiing. Her favorite candy is still m&m minis!!


Kelsey Lucca Ph.D. (2016)

Kelsey is a post doctoral student in Developmental Psychology. Kelsey's research focuses on communication and cognition from developmental, cross-cultural, and comparative perspectives. Kelsey graduated from Duke in 20016 with a Ph.D. and in 2011 from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Cognitive Science. As an undergraduate, Kelsey worked in the Language and Cognition Lab with Dr. Anna Papafragou and the Infant Language Project with Dr. Roberta Golinkoff. Her favorite candy is twix!